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Renee L.– I first contacted Anthony on Sunday September 25 2021 and was pre-approved to purchase a home within minutes. Anthony took the time to educate me on the benefits of VA Loans and particularly the benefits of VA Loans for Disabled Veterans. Over the next few days as I was searching for a home to purchase, Anthony answered all of my questions about home buying and financing day or night. I was always able to get a hold of him when I needed an answer right away. I signed the contract for the home of my dreams on September 27th. All my friends told me that I was in for a 30-45 day processing period before I would be able to officially purchase and move into the home. Eagle Home Loans and Anthony Quail worked diligently to get me to the closing table and into the home promptly. We ended up closing just 14 business days later on 10/15/21. I am extremely excited to be a homeowner and am super thankful to Eagle Home Loans for guiding me through the process every step of the way.

Lillian V. – Anthony was a positive source of energy and all ears. He listened attentively and asked specific questions about what steps I had taken and what steps still needed to be made in order to have a my dream home be just that ” A dream come true”. He is not going to steer you wrong or give you false information weather you are a Veteran or not. He works well with single moms as myself and gives the same respect and attention to my first home as he did for those I knew purchasing their 2nd home. He is truly an asset to have on your team and I highly recommend him. I will continue to use him now and in the future for his attention to detail and respectful work ethic.

Christopher D.– Anthony did a great job assisting me in locking in a great rate while I was located in Korea. He was very professional, providing me with the most up to date information regard my mortgage loan. I would highly recommending the services that he provide.

Arlene P.– Mr. Quail is an asset to the team. He was willing to work with me outside of business hours and holidays. He took my calls and emails every time. He was honest and straightforward. He explained everything in a simple manner. He was always working to get me the best deal. He even obtained financing nine days after I signed my contract and we closed 6 days after that!

Courtney H.– Me and my wife were first time home buyers so naturally we had no idea what we were doing. We decided to use our VA loan benefits and Anthony from Eagle Home Loans was an expert at this and amazing to work with. We were originally going to get our loan from another company but after a few emails with Anthony, we quickly changed our minds. After my initial inquiry, I received a response with very little wait time. I had a million questions which were all answered very clearly and he made the whole process less confusing and always made sure I understood every step we were taking. He even recommended a great realtor so we didn’t have to worry about doing it ourselves. Anthony was available for me on weekends and even after hours. We closed on our house exactly one month after finding it which would of been sooner if it weren’t for the holidays. Anthony made the whole home buying experience completely stress free and he makes you feel like a family member rather than a client. Anyone who is thinking about buying a home especially first time buyers or anyone who is military I would highly recommend using Eagle Home Loans. If you want an informative, fast, and easy process call Anthony today!

Juanita C.– One of the best in the business!! Anthony has helped countless people achieve their dream of home ownership. If you are thinking of buying a home, call Eagle Home Loans. If it’s possible, Anthony can make it happen! Recently, Anthony assisted me in financing a new home and it has been first class service all the way! I appreciate his knowledge and dedication. I will continue to recommend Anthony to family, friends, and clients.

William D.– I have been in my house for roughly a year and I cannot spoke more highly of someone who has assistance and helped me through this process than Anthony Quail. Even after the deal was closed, he was still providing assistance. Questions I had about taxes etc, he still was there. If you want a good deal, low interest rates etc., go see Anthony. I promise you, he will not let you down. He comes highly recommended!!!

Wendy M.– We had an GREAT experience with Anthony, I will recommend him to anybody! We had a rather prolonged search for the ‘perfect’ house, and he stuck by us the whole time, answering tons of questions, many even beyond the scope of his responsibilities. He went out of his way to make sure we understood everything and on the rare occasion we asked a question he couldn’t answer I always felt like he thoroughly understood the issue by the time he got back to us. He was always timely and precise, very professional and friendly. Will gladly work with him if we have need of his expertise again!

Dia S.– Anthony Quail is an Army veteran with a cheerful personality and is great to work with. He’s a mortgage broker, and found us the best possible interest rate. Skip the days of research and see Mr. Quail. Our home-buying process was pain-free thanks to a great realtor and Mr. Quail’s hard work. 10/10, would work with him again.

Nikki H.– I am currently in the process of owning a home, and Mr. Anthony has been wonderful to work with. I am excited to own my own home next year! Thank you for all your help, Mr. Anthony, and look forward to all of our other conversations in moving forward. Hope you and the family are doing well!

John J.– Eagle Home Loans is the place to go for home financing, Anthony Quail is highly qualified and was able to secure my financing. If I ever buy another home in this area he will not doubt be getting a call from me. Thank you so much Anthony for making my wife and I dreams come true.

Hurchel W.– Mr. Anthony Quail is very professional and down to earth. I came to his company by referral after another, LARGER mortgage company abandoned me 2 weeks before closing. Mr. Quail looked over my paperwork, took my application and assured me he could get the loan done. This guy did NOT disappoint. Rarely do I recommend services or companies because your good fortune may not be the fate of others, but this good deed can’t go un-noticed. The night before closing, the real estate company tried to charge additional broker fees and once again, Mr. Quail stepped in to say, No, No, No, veterans are NOT allowed to pay that! He knows his stuff. He looks out for the little guy! He closed me in 2 weeks and saved me money over what the other company was trying to charge! Because of Mr. Anthony Quail, I now sit on 30 acres and can watch the sunset over my own mountain in the backyard!

Reginal S.– Anthony was amazing! We were first time buyers and he explained everything to us and kept in touch throughout the process. Over a year later, he still keeps in touch and recently helped us refinance our home. Very professional and helpful. Thanks!

Ron S.– Anthony made the home buying process a breeze. He worked very hard to get everything approved (even with my bad credit score) and kept me updated in a timely manner throughout the whole process. Eagle Home Loans will be my only option in the future!

Betty P.– Anthony worked hard with getting the home financing process completed for me while I was in CA. He communicated with me via telephone and email. He was very professional throughout the whole process